Gerard Spong

Gerard Spong was admitted to the Bar in Surinam on 7 February 1973 after reading Law at the University of Amsterdam. From 1976 to 1979 Gerard Spong took part in a specialist course in criminal law, after which he started one of the first Dutch practices specializing solely in expert assistance to criminal defendants. He handles all criminal cases and is specialised in particular in penal cases for the court of cassation. These are cases that are handled by the Dutch Supreme Court.
In addition, Spong acts in fraud cases, extradition cases, disciplinary cases, medical or otherwise and Antillean criminal cases. Spong also teaches postgraduate courses. He was involved in the creation of the Handboek verdediging (Defence Manual). In this manual Spong wrote the chapter on assistance in cassation. Together with mr M.F. Murray of Curaçao Spong also wrote a chapter on assistance in the Netherlands Antilles.

Spong is a member of the European Criminal Bar Organization. Spong regularly gives lectures.



Sidney Smeets

Sidney Smeets read law at Leiden University and history at Utrecht University and was admitted to the bar in 2001 after working in the House of Representatives. He specializes in criminal law and has represented clients in many well publicised cases, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Sidney's fields of expertise include vice, homicide and drug-related offences. Sidney has written extensively about the Dutch legal system and, as a historian, has published a book about the events surrounding Kristallnacht (1938). He is well known for his strong opinions on human rights-issues in general and LGBTQ-rights in particular. Aside from being a criminal defence lawyer he also provides legal assistance to victims of hate crimes.



Jan-Hein van Dijk

Jan-Hein van Dijk started at Spong advocaten after being admitted tot the Bar in May 2004. During his internship as a lawyer under the guidance of Gerard Spong he initially focused on general civil and criminal cases. Since 2008 Van Dijk has concentrated exclusively on criminal law. Van Dijk assists in a wide range of criminal cases, including crimes against property, murder, manslaughter and other violent crimes, cases involving detention under a hospital order and juvenile criminal law. He defended a client, for example, in the Amsterdam liquidation trial (Passage) and assisted in the defence of one of the first HIV-related criminal cases. In the last few years he has focused particularly on human trafficking and smuggling. Van Dijk provides assistance in various far-reaching human trafficking cases (amongst others the prime suspect in the 'Sneep case' which became known nationwide). Van Dijk is a member of the Dutch Association of Defence Counsel.



Marianne Lochs

Marianne Lochs started working as a criminal defence lawyer for Spong Attorneys in 2010, after graduating with honors in law and criminology at Leiden University. During her studies she worked as a clerk at the Administrative High Court (Centrale Raad van Beroep) and the District Court of The Hague. Marianne Lochs provides assistance in a wide range of criminal cases and has extensive experience in cases relating to trafficking in human beings, murder and manslaughter and other violent crime. She conducts doctoral research into contempt of court at Leiden University and she advises as a member of the Advisory Committee on Criminal Matters on new legislation in the field of criminal law.


Tim Vis

Tim Vis entered the bar in 2011 and started working as a criminal defense lawyer at Spong Attorneys after completing an internship. Tim read (intenational) criminal law at the Universities of Amsterdam and Columbia University (New York, VS).



Emile van Reydt

Emile van Reydt started working as a criminal defence lawyer for Spong Attorneys in August of 2011, after graduating with honors from Groningen University. During his studies Emile worked as a clerk for the Attorney General's office in Leeuwarden and as a teacher of criminal procedure law at Groningen University. After graduation Emile interned at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Arusha, Tanzania).


Albertine Tiemens

Albertine Tiemens is a graduate of Groningen University where she obtained a Masters of Law in both criminal and civil law. She also attended Stockholm University (Sweden) for a semester studying Public international law. She began her legal career as a lecturer and taught criminal (procedure) law at Groningen University at the department of Criminal law and criminology. She was admitted to the bar in 2012 and started working at Spong advocaten in 2015. She has defended clients throughout the Netherlands charged with a variety of criminal offenses including drug trafficking, assaults, armed robbery and other serious felonies. She is also experienced in juvenile defense.


Bernard Sprenger

Bernard Sprenger started working as a criminal defence lawyer for Spong Attorneysin February 2016. He holds a bachelor's degree from Utrecht University and a masters degree in criminal law from the University of Amsterdam. Sprenger can be characterized as an enthusiastic defence lawyer with a sharp eye for the position and the interests of his clients. His work focus is on the general criminal practice.